UK TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  Laptop AC Adapter, low price TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  laptop charger Low price TOSHIBA 19V 12.2A laptop adapter charger is on discounting, All of UK 19V 12.2A Laptop AC Adapter is high quality and fast shipping
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Original / Genuine TOSHIBA 19V 12.2A AC Adapter

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Original / Genuine Toshiba 19V 12.2A Laptop AC Adapter TOSHIBA19V12.2A230W-4holes

toshiba 19V 12.2 Adapter, toshiba 19V 12.2 Laptop Charger, Original / Genuine 19V 12.2 toshiba Power Supply, TOSHIBA19V12.2A230W-4holes

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Discount TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  Laptop AC Adapter, low price TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  laptop chargerToshiba 19V 12.2A Laptop AC Adapter
  • Item Name: TOSHIBA19V12.2A230W-4holes
  • Adapter Brand:TOSHIBA Adapter
  • Adapter Input:100-240V~3A(3,0A)50-60Hz
  • Adapter Output Voltage:19V
  • Adapter Output Current: 12.2A
  • Adapter Power:230W
  • Dimension( L x W x H ):200.00 x 100.10 x 43.30mm
  • Weight( Adapter only ) :1161g
  • Adapter tip note: 4 Pin
  • Total Sale: 140 Sold
  • Original / Genuine : Yes
  • Package Inc.
     1 x toshiba 19v 12.2a AC Adapter Only
     1 x UK / EU Power Cable Fit Country. Click to buy more power cable >>

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Compatible Mainbody Numbers By Brands

This toshiba ac Adapter can work with follow laptop models:

TOSHIBA: X200, X300, X500,
TOSHIBA QOSMIO X300 SERIES: X300-01G, X300-02K, X300-03W, X300-112, X300-11L, X300-11S, X300-11T, X300-11W, X300-122, X300-123, X300-126, X300-12B, X300-12C, X300-12H, X300-12N, X300-130, X300-13E, X300-13G, X300-13I, X300-13O, X300-13R, X300-13V, X300-13W, X300-13X, X300-13Y, X300-145, X300-148, X300-14C, X300-14E, X300-14F, X300-14M, X300-14N, X300-14O, X300-14P, X300-14U, X300-14V, X300-150, X300-156, X300-157, X300-158, X300-15G, X300-15K, X300-15L, X300-15Q, X300-15R, X300-15T, X300-15U, X300-15V, X300-166, X300-167, X300-16C, X300-16D, X300-G770,

Why we should use a original genius ac adapter TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  Laptop AC Adapter, low price TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  laptop charger-TOSHIBA19V12.2A230W-4holes

2013 discount for TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  Laptop AC Adapter, low price TOSHIBA 19V  12.2A  laptop charger

The difference between original adapter and replacement adapter.

Original / Genius
Replacement / Copy
Materials High quality Low quality or Unqualified
Manufacturing process
Wonderful Shoddy
Out put
Unstable or Damage
Use life Long Short
Protect Laptop Yes No
Price Appropriate Cheap

Difference between original ac adapter and copy

Why we shouldn't use a low quality ac adapter?
  1. Your laptopis made of accurate capacitances and Electronic components. Unstable or damage. out put will strongly affect your laptop performance and use life.
  2. Your hard disk may be damaged.
  3. Your display is bad.
  4. Your sound card may have some noise
  5. Your CD-ROM will not work well.
  6. A slow start.
  7. Overclocking is not Unstable.
  8. Anti-jamming is poor.

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