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UK 5B10K84538 Laptop Battery, Low Price 5B10K84538 Battery For LENOVO Laptop Computer

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Genuine LENOVO 5B10K84538 Battery 4645mAh, 52.5Wh

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LENOVO 5B10K84538 Battery 4645mAh, 52.5Wh LENOVO 5B10K84538 Battery

5B10K84538 Battery ID: NLVL15C3PB152WHB3
5B10K84538 Battery Type: Li-ion
5B10K84538 Battery Voltage: 11.4V
Battery Capacity: 4645mAh, 52.5Wh
5B10K84538 Battery Color: Black
Battery Weight: 215g
Total Sale: 147 Sold
Battery Cells Amount: 3-Cells

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Genuine LENOVO 5B10K84538 Battery 4645mAh, 52.5Wh

LENOVO 5B10K84538 Battery Compatible Original Battery Code:

This LENOVO 5B10K84538 Battery fit models:
  • LENOVO 520S-14IKB Laptop Battery
  • 5B10K84538
  • 5B10K84638
  • 5B10M49821
  • 80ve
  • flex 4-1470
  • FLEX4-1470
  • IdeaPad 520s
  • IDEAPAD 520S-14IKB
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X2
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X2006BGE
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X2006DGE
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X2006FGE
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X200BJGE
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-80X200EUGE
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-81BL
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-81BL009JGE
  • IdeaPad 520s-14IKB-81BL009KGE
  • Ideapad 520S-14IKBR
  • L15C3PB1
  • L60SA
  • MPNXB6C160BX
  • Yoga 510
  • YOGA 520-14IKB
  • Yoga 520-14IKB-80X8006KSP
  • Yoga 520-14IKB-81C8001DGE

UK 5B10K84538 Battery , Low Price 5B10K84538 Battery With Long Life Battery Cells

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